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TAP Tax Reimbursement Deadline: Friday, October 4

This is a final reminder about the deadline for the Transitional TAP Fund (TTF) application, which is this Friday, October 4. The Harvard Benefits Office previously listed the deadline as October 1, but they have changed it to October 4.

Harvard created the Transitional TAP Fund (TTF) in order to reimburse you 100% for any taxes you owe on Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) benefits for the fall 2019 semester. You must complete and submit the two forms listed below by October 4 in order to receive the tax reimbursement. Harvard indicates that the tax reimbursement will occur over the next five or six paychecks in the form of “grossing up” each of your paychecks to cover the tax you owe on your courses. If you don’t fill out these two forms by October 4 and you took Harvard classes during the fall 2019 semester, you may have tax withheld from your paycheck over the next few months for some of your courses and you will receive no reimbursement for those costs.

If you are taking classes for undergraduate credit or for no credit, you can disregard this message. You will not owe any tax. This information only pertains to staff taking classes for graduate credit.

You need to fill out both the TAP form and the TTF form (below) by or before Friday, October 4 to receive the 100% tax reimbursement:

    If you have not already done so, fill out and submit a TAP form. If you are taking classes at the Extension School, you will submit your TAP form to Benefit Strategies. If you are taking classes at any other school you should have already been required to submit your TAP form(s) to your school’s registrar’s office. You should fill out one TAP form for each class. If you are applying for the tax reimbursement, you do not need to get your supervisor’s signature on the TAP form, and you should check “no” in the section where you are asked if your course is job-related. You can find the TAP form for staff taking classes for graduate credit here:
    If you have not already done so, fill out and submit a Transitional TAP Fund form. The Transitional TAP Fund (TTF) is the fund Harvard has created to reimburse staff for any taxes they owe on TAP benefits for the fall 2019 semester. As you are filling out this form, you may see a red pop-up box that says “We’re sorry, you are not eligible to receive a TTF reimbursement for this course if you did not submit a TAP form.” You should disregard this message and click “Next” underneath the red box and continue filling out and submitting the form. You can find the TTF form here:

The tax reimbursement program (TTF) is meant to assist people taking non-job-related courses. However, if you are taking graduate level classes that are job-related, but failed to submit a TAP form with your supervisor’s signature by September 11, you may still want to fill out both forms above (both the TAP and TTF forms) to apply for the TTF reimbursement program. Otherwise, you may have tax withheld from your paycheck for any TAP benefits you used in 2019 worth over $5250. The $5250 threshold includes classes you took between January 2019 and August 2019, as well as during the fall 2019 semester.

Please note that we are sending out this reminder to ensure that everyone who is eligible takes advantage of this reimbursement program. However, this new TAP process is overseen and administered by the Harvard Benefits Office — it is their process. And the Harvard Benefits Office hires the company, Benefit Strategies, to receive and process all Harvard TAP and TTF forms. You should direct follow-up questions about the new TAP process and the status of your forms to those two offices.

As deadlines approach, the Benefits Office and Benefit Strategies often receive many phone calls so you may find it easier to email them, rather than sitting on-hold on the phone:

Again, make sure you fill out both forms above if you want to receive the reimbursement. Please let us know if you have any questions about our message above.