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When’s Your Next Raise?

The last negotiated salary increase for HUCTW members was delivered on October 1 2017. That increase was part of a three-year contract, which began on October 1, 2015 and continues until September 30, 2018.  This means our next salary increase should take place on October 1, 2018. As Harvard and HUCTW are still in contract negotiations, we don’t yet know how much our next salary increase will be, or how many years the new contract will cover. In the past, if negotiations have gone past the September 30 deadline, Harvard and HUCTW have negotiated that raises will be retroactive to October 1.

Hopefully you got a chance to attend one of HUCTW’s recent lunchtime meetings across campus, but if you would like more specific  information on the 2018 Harvard-HUCTW contract negotiations, please reach out to your HUCTW organizer or, if you are not sure who that is, email or call 617-661-8289 and ask to speak to an organizer who works with your department. You can also read the latest HUCTW letter on contract negotiations here: