Articles about Sexual Harassment at Harvard

Sexual Harassment Survivors Condemn Harvard’s Investigation Process, Harvard Magazine: “Women who have accused former Harvard government professor Jorge Domínguez of sexual misconduct speak out about their experiences and criticize Harvard’s response to complaints like theirs…” Full article

She Left Harvard. He Got to Stay, The Chronicle of Higher Education “Did the university’s handling of one professor’s sexual-harassment complaint keep other women from coming forward for decades? 18 women publicly accused Domínguez of repeated acts of sexual misconduct, establishing a pattern that extended across four decades…”  Full article

Protected by Decades-Old Power Structures, Three Renowned Harvard Anthropologists Face Allegations of Sexual Harassment, The Crimson: “A Harvard investigation found Bestor committed two counts of sexual misconduct during an interaction with a female professor in 2017. Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences disciplined Bestor for the incident, but allowed him to return to work before completing required sanctions…” Full article

Prominent Harvard archaeologist put on leave amid allegations of sexual harassment, Science Magazine: “After ‘years of sexual requests’ from Gary Urton, anthropologist Carrie Brezine eventually consulted Harvard’s Dean for Graduate Student Affairs Garth McCavana. She recalls that he emphasized that complaints rarely worked out in the victim’s favor…” Full article

The Patron: Harvard’s John Comaroff is an influential anthropologist and a dedicated adviser. Three women say he abused his power. The Chronicle of Higher Eduction: “Lilia Kilburn and Margaret Czerwienski shared their stories with The Chronicle, where they are being made public for the first time. They also shared their stories with Harvard’s Office for Dispute Resolution, which investigates Title IX complaints, though they said that process has sometimes been confusing and left them feeling more vulnerable to retaliation than before…” Full article

Star Economics Prof Fryer Facing Harvard and State-Level Investigations, Barred from Lab He Heads, The Crimson: Lawyers representing a woman who filed a complaint against Roland Fryer say Harvard failed to enforce its Title IX policies after their client raised concerns regarding Fryer. “Our client and others who have worked in EdLabs have encountered Harvard’s two-tiered system of justice: one for high profile faculty members and the other for the rank and file…” Full article

‘A Permissive Culture’: Six Takeaways on Harvard’s Failure to Prevent Decades of Domínguez Harassment, The Crimson: “An external committee reviewing sexual harassment at Harvard detailed a “permissive culture regarding sexual harassment” at the school that enabled Domínguez to continue rising through leadership as he sexually harassed female students and colleagues with all but no penalty…” Full article

In Wake of External Report, Dominguez Victims Call For Changes in How Harvard Investigates Sexual Misconduct, The Crimson:  “The women took issue with the external committee’s finding that existing procedures to investigative sexual harassment allegations at Harvard are “adequate to redress faculty misconduct.” The women wrote, “Harvard is unwilling to take upon itself the burden of holding powerful faculty members accountable. Simply, we have watched Harvard’s staff and procedures silence and harm victims, especially those who have suffered the most egregious conduct, including quid pro quo sexual harassment and sexual assault…” Full article

If you have experienced sexual discrimination, harassment or assault in the course of your Harvard job, please reach out your HUCTW organizer. If you are unsure of who your HUCTW organizer is, you can reach out to us at or 617-661-8289 and we will put you in touch with them. Everything you discuss with us is confidential. Learn more about HUCTW’s sexual harassment investigation and resolution process.