Transportation Fund

home_trains2As a measure to help equalize commuting costs among Union members across the University, the Harvard-HUCTW Transportation Fund provides partial reimbursement of eligible commuting and parking costs deemed to be a significant financial burden. This fund is available only to members of the HUCTW bargaining unit.

Application Deadline

The transportation fund runs in two cycles and has two deadlines during each year. For expenses incurred between:

  • July – December 2018, the application deadline is January 15, 2019
  • January – June 2019, the application deadline is July 15, 2019

An online application form will be posted on this site shortly for the January 15, 2019 deadline. Check back soon.


Your eligible costs must total more than $145/month ($1740/calendar year) in order to qualify for the fund. For complete list of eligible expenses please consult page two of the Application Guidelines. Eligible costs include:

  • MBTA Commuter Rail/Ferry monthly passes for Zones 5 – 10
  • Private commuter train (e.g., Amtrak) or bus
  • Parking in MBTA or other remote commuter lot or garage
  • Parking in the Longwood Medical Area

Not Eligible
Ineligible costs include: parking in Harvard lots or garages; other Cambridge parking; street parking; gasoline/tolls/wear of a privately owned vehicle; Local MBTA passes or Commuter Rail passes below Zone 5.


Fund awards are calculated based on the total transportation costs of all eligible applicants. All applicants will receive the same percentage of reimbursement, but your specific award is based on your costs. Your award will vary somewhat from year to year depending on the number of applicants in any given year. All eligible applicants who apply on time will receive a reimbursement.

Award Delivery

Your reimbursement will be processed by the HUCTW and Payroll offices, and will appear in your paycheck.

How to Apply



For more information please contact Danielle or Alex at the HUCTW Office at 617-661-8289 or email with any questions.