Other HUCTW Services

HUCTW organizers are Harvard employees and union members too, but it is their full time job to help members improve their working lives. If you are a member and would like to discuss a workplace question or concern confidentially, please contact your HUCTW organizer. If you are unsure who your organizer is, please write to huctw.info@huctw.org or call 617-661-8289 and ask to speak to an organizer for your department. Here are some of the most common services we provide:

Informal Problem Solving

HUCTW organizers can help members strategize confidentially about how to address a problem or concern, including things such as: relationships with supervisors or co-workers, work-life balance issues, performance reviews, disciplinary situations, workloads, and compensation concerns. Of course, HUCTW organizers also advocate directly for members, but they will only get involved if a member asks for their help in this way. The member is always in the driver’s seat.

Job Search Advice

HUCTW organizers can assist members confidentially with their internal job searches, helping to strategize about career goals and job prospects. Organizers can provide feedback on resumes and cover letters and can advise members on the Harvard job search and application process. They can also advise members about the culture of different Harvard departments and schools, and when possible, can help connect members with the relevant HR recruiters.

Benefits and Policies Assistance

If members have questions about how a particular benefit works or how it is typically applied, HUCTW organizers can help. If there are specific benefit details that HUCTW staff aren’t as familiar with, they can connect members with the people at Harvard who have the answers. Some HUCTW benefits, such as release time or flexible schedules, need to be worked out with supervisors, but HUCTW staff can help members strategize about how to approach these discussions.

All conversations with an HUCTW organizer are confidential.