Harvard-HUCTW Transportation Fund Application

Fund Guidelines

Harvard and HUCTW created the Harvard-HUCTW Transportation Fund to provide assistance with significant commuting and/or parking costs and attempts to equalize commuting costs among members in different areas of the University.

2019 Application Deadlines

  • January 15, 2019: For expenses incurred July 1 – December 31, 2018
  • July 15, 2019: For expenses incurred January 1 – June 30, 2019


The following criteria must be met in order to receive assistance from the Transportation Fund:

  1. One must be a part of the HUCTW bargaining unit; and
  2. One must incur non-subsidized, eligible expenses higher than $145 per month or $1,740 per fiscal
    year associated with commuting to Harvard University.

Fund Application