Harvard Resources

Harvard University provides a variety of benefits that complement the programs and policies the Union offers. Here at the HUCTW office we always welcome calls with questions about these programs.

The Center for Wellness

The Center for Wellness draws upon the wealth of expertise and resources in the Harvard community to offer a wide array of innovative programs and workshops designed to assist you in improving your own well-being. Whether you are exploring complementary therapies, practicing new ways to enjoy physical activity, restoring balance to your life, learning new skills, or better managing stress, our programs provide opportunities for optimal wellness: http://cw.uhs.harvard.edu/index.html

Tuition Assistance Programs

Harvard’s Tuition Assistance Plan (TAP) helps pay the cost of tuition for courses taken at participating Harvard Schools. Harvard’s Tuition Reimbursement Plan (TRP) helps pay the cost of tuition for qualifying courses taken at other accredited institutions. The HUCTW Education Fund can work in tandem with the TRP program to help pay for classes taken at accredited institutions outside of Harvard. When applying to these benefits, make sure you click on the forms for HUCTW members: http://hr.harvard.edu/tuition-assistance

Center for Workplace Development

The Center for Workplace Development (CWD) is Harvard’s internal employee training center. From the CWD site: “CWD provides expertise in attracting and developing employees, cultivating leadership and building effective organizations to prepare the Harvard University community to succeed today and in the future.” For information on the courses provided through the CWD see their page on Harvie (the list of courses is in a PDF in the right hand column of the following page). Some courses are free, some have a small cost. Once you make arrangements with your supervisor, your department typically pays for your attendance, but employees may also pay for courses if they choose: http://hr.harvard.edu/center-workplace-development-department

LyndaCampus Online Training

LyndaCampus is an online training resource for employees, paid for by Harvard and overseen by CWD. From the LyndaCampus website: “The site is an excellent resource offering over 4,700 online training classes to Harvard students, staff, and faculty. The Lynda.com library includes courses on Microsoft and Adobe products, business skills, computer programming and web design skills, audio and video tools, and much more, with new classes added every week.” Once employees verify that they are employees on the LyndaCampus site, they can take unlimited online classes from any location, anytime of day or night: http://lynda.harvard.edu/


The CommuterChoice Program is committed to providing the best commuting information and planning services for Harvard affiliates who work in the Cambridge Allston/Brighton campuses. Whether you commute by train, bus, car, bike or walking, CommuterChoice provides information and benefits to help you get to work: http://www.transportation.harvard.edu/commuterchoice

Harvard University Employees Credit Union

Offering a variety of quality financial services, Harvard University Employees Credit Union (HUECU) has been serving its members since 1939. HUECU provides a complete line of services for your financial needs. HUECU exclusively serves the Harvard community, including the staff, students and alumni of Harvard University, Harvard teaching hospitals and other affiliated organizations. HUECU and HUCTW partner on many exciting programs including the three no interest loan programs and an upcoming student debt initiative: https://www.huecu.org/

Non-Harvard Resources

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