HUCTW Petition to Protect Staff from Furloughs

Please sign our petition below to let Harvard leaders know that our community is united in the fight to protect staff from painful furloughs or job cuts. We encourage all HUCTW members to sign this statement, as well as all other friends and colleagues in the Harvard community. We will not deliver the petition to top University decision-makers (including the President, the Provost, and the school deans, among others) until we have gathered at least 1,000 signatures.

“We strongly oppose Harvard’s push to implement staff furloughs. We believe that University administrators are rushing to enact furloughs without exploring all reasonable options to avoid painful losses for staff and their families. We have serious concerns that Harvard leaders are making these cuts without sharing a complete picture of the financial problems the University and its schools are facing with the wider Harvard community.

If pay cuts are necessary to close budget shortfalls, Harvard’s highly-paid administrators and faculty should shoulder the primary burden, not lower-paid employees. Harvard officials need to work together with HUCTW leaders, members, and our community to explore every potential alternative to furloughs, particularly for financially vulnerable colleagues.”