Sample Email to Administrators


Dear Harvard Leaders,

I am writing to express concern about the lack of meaningful progress in negotiations between HUCTW and the University.HUCTW members have been experiencing prolonged financial instablity over the last two years due to the high prices of rent, food, heat, childcare, and other basic expenses. It is vitally important that the negotiations produce raises that will allow HUCTW staff to keep up with high costs and maintain a sustainable living standard.HUCTW staff gone above and beyond to fulfill Harvard’s mission during the pandemic and amid the staffing shortages of the past two years, often taking on additional work on top of their own to cover for unfilled positions. Staff need and deserve raises that show respect for their dedication, skill, and extra effort over the last two years and continuing into the future.I hope that you will use your influence to help ensure that Harvard negotiators reach agreement with HUCTW on meaningful raises that protect staff from high inflation and honor HUCTW members’ contributions. Thank you.