Sample Letter to Managers

Dear [supervisor name],

As a member of the Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers (HUCTW), I am strongly committed to our Union’s goal of negotiating pay increases that provide meaningful protection against the harmful impact of high inflation for my coworkers and me. We are deeply concerned about the difficulty that HUCTW and management negotiators are having in coming to agreement on salary increases for 2022 and the following years.

Beginning this week, along with other HUCTW members and with the encouragement of my union, I will be working in strict adherence to wage and hour laws and HUCTW-Harvard contract language, in order to support a positive resolution of our difficult contract negotiations. As always, I will be carrying out my job duties with care and diligence, while also strictly applying policies and laws about my weekly paid hours, unpaid lunch period, and breaks. If occasions arise which necessitate unanticipated overtime work, I will try to accommodate such needs as specified in the HUCTW-Harvard Agreement (Personnel Manual, page 31). However, I will only be able to perform that work if I have been approved in advance for overtime pay.

In addition, if I am requested or assigned to carry out extra work occasioned by the absence of a supervisor or co-worker (for more than 20 work days when covering for a co-worker or for more than 7 days when covering for a supervisor), I will only be able to accept that assignment after we have agreed on extra compensation at a negotiated rate appropriate to the work performed (Personnel Manual, page 32).

I am prepared at any time to talk with you about how to accomplish the important work of our organization while also following applicable laws and policies faithfully. For more details, please see the Q&A document that HUCTW has prepared about our Wage and Hour Policy Adherence Initiative, or feel free to email  (copied here).

Thank you,
[HUCTW member’s name]