HUCTW Elections

 2022 Negotiating Team Election Results

On March 8 and 9, HUCTW held its 2022 Negotiating Team Election. There were contested races in four of the five regions of the campus. Below are the results of each of those races, including the final tallies from each race. 60% of those who were eligible to vote in these races cast ballots in the election.

  • FAS Arts Region Negotiating Team Seat:
    Winner is Nyasha Bovell (Dept. of Philosophy)
  • FAS Sciences RegionNegotiating Team Seat:
    Winner is Jennifer Vasquez (SEAS)
  • Medical Region Negotiating Team Seat:
    Winner is Lakeisha Martin (HSDM)
  • Professional Region Negotiating Team Seat:
    Winner is Carrie Ayers (HLS)

There was not a contested race in the Central Region:

  • Central Region Negotiating Team Seat: 
    Jill Comer (Harvard Art Museums)

View the final vote tallies from each race


Election for 2022 Negotiating Team Representatives

The 2022 Election for Regional Negotiating Team Representatives will take place March 8 and March 9, 2022. One representative from each of the five regions of the campus will be elected to take part in the 2022 HUCTW Negotiations.

HUCTW members will vote online, via a unique access link sent to each member by email on March 8, which will open an electronic ballot. This unique access link will be randomly generated for each member by the third-party vendor, ElectionBuddy (which specializes in the management of union elections) and will allow you to vote securely and anonymously. You will only be sent a ballot via the access link if you work in a region with a contested electoral race. If there is not a contested race in your region of the campus, you will not be sent a ballot to vote.

Sample ballots with candidates names for each contested race in the March 8-9 election:

  • FAS Arts Region Negotiating Team Representative Race: Sample Ballot
  • FAS Sciences Region Negotiating Team Representative Race: Sample Ballot
  • Medical Region Team Representative Race: Sample Ballot
  • Professional Region Negotiating Team Representative Race: Sample Ballot

As long as you are a signed HUCTW member in one of the contested regions, you will be sent a unique access link by email automatically. If you would also like to have your access link texted to your cellphone, please fill out our Cellphone Submission Form by March 4 at 5:00 pm. If you choose to provide your cell number, the same access link will be both emailed and texted to you and you can choose either method to cast your vote.  No matter which method you use to cast your vote, your vote will remain anonymous, and election administrators will not be able to link a member to their vote. Do not share this link with anyone else – this link is unique to you and represents your vote.

Download Updated Notice of Special Election

Voter Checklist 

  1. Notify HUCTW​ by March 4th at 5:00 pm if you’d like to use your cellphone number to vote by submitting your information here. ​If you opt in to vote by text, you will be both emailed and texted the same unique access link to vote when the election opens, allowing you to only vote once.
  2. Sign a Membership Card in advance of the vote if you have not already done so. HUCTW Elections are only open to signed Union members. Electronic ballots will be sent to those staff who have signed a card by March 4th, 2022, by 5:00 pm. (If you’ve signed or voted in the past, you do not need to sign again!) Unsigned staff may join by downloading and filling out a writable pdf membership card and emailing it to by the deadline.
  3. Keep an eye out for your invitation to vote, which will arrive by email (and text, if registered) on March 8 shortly after 8:00 am. The invitation will contain a unique access link that will give you access to your electronic ballot. You will only be invited to vote if there is a contested election in your Region. Visit this page on March 1, 2022 for an updated list of contested elections.
  4. On March 8-9, use the link emailed to you to v​ote for your preferred candidate. Candidates are responsible for communicating with HUCTW members in their regions. Voting closes March 9 at 5:00 pm.
  5. You will receive confirmation that your vote was received and recorded by the ElectionBuddy system. Results will be posted to the HUCTW website (on this page) by March 10.

For general information about HUCTW elections, please visit our HUCTW Election Basics page.

FAQ Regarding Online Voting:

Q: We’ve never voted online before 2021. Why did we start doing online voting?
Historically, HUCTW Elections have been conducted in person over the course of a single day at numerous voting locations where our members work. In planning the 2021 Elections (and all elections going forward that take place during Covid campus restrictions), we have modified our voting process in order to address health and safety concerns and the fact that most members are not yet back to working full-time on campus. Our goal has been to match the fairness, accuracy, and accessibility of our usual in-person process, while meeting established and new election regulations from our parent union, AFSCME, and the federal government.

Q: Is there a place I can vote in person this time around?
All voting will take place online, via electronic ballot. You will be emailed a unique access code to access your electronic ballot, and you can opt to have this same unique access code texted to your cell phone by registering here by March 4, 2022 at 5:00 pm.

Q: How does the Union administer electronic elections? How do we know it is fair and secure?
We will use a system designed and managed by the company, ElectionBuddy. It is a system used by many other unions across the U.S. for voting and elections. We have ensured that ElectionBuddy satisfies all HUCTW, AFSCME and Federal requirements around voter anonymity security regulations.

Q: It’s March 8 and I didn’t get link to cast my vote—help!
If you do not receive an email and/or text with a unique access code at by 8:00 am on March 8, 2022, please reach out to as soon as possible, and no later than 5:00 pm on March 8.

For general information about HUCTW elections, please visit our HUCTW Election Basics page.

If you have other questions, please contact the elections committee at

General Elections FAQ 

Q: Am I eligible to vote? Can I run for office?A: In order to run for HUCTW positions, and in order to vote, you must be a signed member of the Union. If you have not yet signed a membership card, you may do so here:, returning the card to or by U.S. mail using the mailing address at the bottom of this page. If you have trouble downloading or sending this card to us, email the HUCTW office at to let us know.

Q: I think I signed a “fair share” (fee-payer) card rather than a Union card: can I vote?A: No, but you may switch to being a signed member by filling out and submitting a Membership Card: to the HUCTW office at

Q: How do I know what positions are up for election?A: For November elections, a combined Notice of Elections/Notice of Nominations will arrive by U.S. Mail at your home address approximately five weeks before the election. It will be posted on the HUCTW website at that time as well. This document details which positions are open in which parts of the University. For special elections, which can occur throughout the year (a contract ratification vote, for example), this document may be emailed to you rather than sent by U.S. Mail. It will also be posted on the HUCTW website.

Q: How do I nominate myself or someone else?A: The combined Notice of Elections/Notice of Nominations mentioned above will detail how to place a nomination. Nominations can be sent by email (, by US or University Mail, or by fax up until the time/date nominations close. The nomination closing time/date will be listed on the Notice of Elections/Notice of Nominations.

Q: If I am running for election, can I get a list of eligible voters?A: Yes, if you are running for one of the positions up for election, you may request a list of the names of the eligible voters by writing to the elections committee (

Q: I don’t know anything about the candidates listed: how can I get more information?A: It is the responsibility of the candidates to reach out to member voters. About two weeks prior to the election, members may check the HUCTW website to preview the ballots they’ll see when they get to a voting location. These previews also serve the function of naming the final candidates in an election.

Q: What happens if an election is uncontested?A: If a particular position is uncontested, an election will not be run and the unopposed candidate(s) will take on the position automatically.