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Salary Increase Calculator

HUCTW and Harvard recently initialed a Tentative Agreement for a new contract, which will be put to a ratification vote among HUCTW members on Tuesday, December 4. The Union has prepared a Salary Increase Calculator (Excel) so that you can calculate your raise for 2018.

In order calculate your 2018 raise, you will need to fill in the four blue fields in at the top of the Calculator, indicating your current annual salary, salary grade, hours in your regular weekly schedule, and approximate length of service.

If the Calculator doesn’t open when you click on the link below, it should appear in your “Downloads” folder or in a tab at the bottom of your screen.

HUCTW Salary Increase Calculator (downloadable Excel document):

We will also be sending a detailed summary of the Tentative Agreement soon. As always, if you have any questions or ideas please write or call HUCTW at or 617-661-8289.