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New Reduced-Cost Parking Options

HUCTW and Harvard have come to an agreement about two new programs that will help members with the impact of increased Cambridge-Allston parking rates for Fiscal Year 2016-2017, including new reduced-cost parking at Peabody Terrace, open exclusively to HUCTW members until December 31, 2016, and a parking cost rebate.

New Alternative Parking – Pilot Program

Beginning September 1, 2016 the University will make a new, alternative parking option available for HUCTW members, offering a reduced-cost permit for a Cambridge parking facility that the University has identified as underutilized. Effective September 1, the designated facility for reduced-cost parking will be the Peabody Terrace garage, located adjacent to 131 Putnam Ave. in Cambridge.

  • The new, alternative parking permits will cost $1,500 annually ($125 per month) and will guarantee permit-holders access to the Peabody Terrace garage, on a space available basis. The alternative permit rate may increase in FY 2017-18, but no more than the rate of increase for other permit types. For 2016-17, the new option at $1,500 per year will cost about $700 per year less than an Unreserved Garage permit, and about $560 less than an Unreserved Surface lot space.
  • HUCTW members will have exclusive access to the new, alternative option permits for the first four months of the pilot program, until December 31, 2016. After that time, reduced-cost permits for parking at Peabody Terrace may be offered to other Harvard employee groups. The new option is open both to HUCTW members who currently hold other types of permits and to new parkers.

The Peabody Terrace garage is a renovated facility, located 0.7 miles from the heart of Harvard Square, about a 12-minute walk from the Science Center. There are secure bike racks located inside the garage, and a Hubway station just outside. During the academic year, the University’s “Mather Express” shuttle runs regularly to central campus locations from the Mather House stop on Cowperthwaite St., just two blocks from the Peabody Terrace garage.

This new program will be a two-year pilot in which the Parking Office and HUCTW will work together, through the Joint Committee on Housing and Transportation, to monitor and evaluate the effort’s successes and shortcomings. We are hopeful that this option will be attractive to HUCTW members and provide some financial relief from increasing commuting costs, for those who need to drive to work in Cambridge and Allston.

Partial Reimbursement for FY 2016-17 parking costs

Parking permit holders who are not able to participate in the new, alternative program, for whatever reason, will instead receive partial reimbursement for the cost of an FY 2016-17 permit. Later this year, the HUCTW Transportation Fund will reimburse Cambridge and Allston permit holders on a one-time basis for a portion of the cost of Cambridge-Allston parking fees incurred in FY 2016-17.

  • HUCTW members who hold full-time parking permits for University lots in Cambridge and Allston will receive a $120 rebate.
  • HUCTW members who hold part-time parking permits for University lots in Cambridge and Allston will receive an $85 rebate.
  • The partial reimbursement will not be available to those who choose the new reduced-cost parking option at Peabody Terrace.
  • Rebates will be delivered automatically – there is no need to apply. The reimbursements will most likely be issued in November of this year, as lump sum payments subject to tax withholding.

What Happens Next?

HUCTW members who want to register for the new, alternative parking option can do so by walking into the Campus Service Center. If you are already a permit holder, you will need to bring your current hang tag for exchange. The Campus Service Center is located in the Smith Center, Room 807, at 1350 Mass Ave in Cambridge.

As outlined in the new Agreement language, the HUCTW-Harvard Joint Committee on Housing and Transportation is charged with continuing to monitor the impact of parking fees and to look for more affordable parking options, while exploring alternative commuting options.

As always, please write or call with questions or ideas at or 617-661-8289.