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Open Letter: Campus Protests & University Response

To the Harvard Community,

In light of interim President Garber’s recent email to the University community and police action on other college campuses, HUCTW grows increasingly concerned about Harvard administrators’ responses or potential responses to protestors taking part in the encampment in Harvard Yard. Placing students or staff on involuntary leaves and using police intervention to remove suspended students or staff from campus would be an unprecedented escalation against our own community members, and not in keeping with Harvard’s historical responses to similar protests and occupations on campus.

As a labor organization with over 35 years in the Harvard community, HUCTW and Harvard have worked through many complex issues together, even in the face of strong disagreements, with open and honest dialogue, and we urge Harvard administrators to take the same approach to address campus protestors and the encampment.

If you are an HUCTW member and are facing discipline for participating in campus protests, please reach out to us.

HUCTW stands against all forms of harassment and discrimination. If you are an HUCTW member who has faced harassment or discrimination from another Harvard community member, please reach out to us.

You can contact your HUCTW organizer, or you can write us at All discussion with HUCTW organizers are confidential.

Thank you,
HUCTW Officers
HUCTW Executive Board
HUCTW Organizing Staff