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Working from Home: A Panel Discussion

Watch the recording of our June 6 panel discussion, “Working from Home: Trends, Benefits, and Challenges of Implementing Telework.” This event took place on June 6, 2017 and was open to the Harvard community. Panelists included: an academic expert from MIT, a practitioner from the US Government Accountability Office, and an IT specialist from Harvard, who shared their experiences and insights into telework.

Please note that the first two minutes are quieter than the rest of the video.

Please note that the first two minutes are quieter than the rest of the video.


Jackie Nowicki, Director, K-12 Education Policy
U.S. Government Accountability Office

Nowicki was a key player in leading the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) through designing and implementing a large scale expansion of telework programs for employees. Resulting telework benefits included opportunities for cost savings, performance improvement, and employee engagement. Additionally, she has found ways to sustain workplace connections and collaborations for teleworkers with their co-workers, and to hold teleworkers accountable for their work.

John Van Reenen, Professor of Applied Economics
MIT Sloan School of Management, MIT Department of Economics
Van Reenen has published widely on the economics of innovation, labor markets, and productivity.  He has served as a senior policy advisor to the UK Secretary of State for Health and many international organizations. In recent research, he examined the relationship between work-life balance, good management, and workplace productivity. From 2003 to 2016 Van Reenen was Prof. of Economics at the London School of Economics and the Director of the Centre for Economic Performance, Europe’s leading applied economics research center.

Pamela Needham, Technical Specialist/Systems Administrator
Harvard Medical School Information Technology Department
As an Endpoint Services Team member, Needham utilizes tools and technology to maximize efficiency of the HMS IT technical support structure, with particular focus on devices being used outside the HMS campus, but connected to the HMS network. Endpoint Team services include LANDesk and Casper (software systems that allow remote administration of computer systems), managed antivirus and centralized backup, as well as the identification and implementation of new services to continue to enhance the efficiency of HMS IT support.

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