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Help for Staff with Immigration Concerns

The Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program (HIRC) offers free legal advice, representation, and social service support to members of the Harvard community with immigration concerns. HIRC services are available to all the undocumented/DACAmented members of the Harvard community and those who are concerned about falling out of legal status. In its first year, the HIRC team provided free legal consultations to over 170 members of the Harvard community.

HIRC legal representation includes assistance with filing immigration applications, representing clients before U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), in Immigration Court, and beyond. All Harvard community members with immigration questions are encouraged to meet with Jason Corral, the immigration attorney for the Harvard Representation Initiative, for a free consultation.

  • To schedule an appointment with Jason, please contact HRI at or call the HIRC office at (617) 495-6648.

HIRC offers social work support to all clients as part of their legal representation. Their clinical social worker, Liala Buoniconti, can support you with a variety of concerns, including emotional support, health insurance problems, financial concerns, food insecurity, or other issues related to immigration stressors.

  • To schedule an appointment with Liala, please contact Liala at or call the HIRC office at 617-496-5087.
FAQs on DACA, TPS, ICE on Campus & the Travel Ban:

Most up to date information about HIRC’s free immigration legal and social work services, available to all Harvard employees: