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Working from Home When It Snows

Sometimes members will reach out to the HUCTW office because they’ve heard from a supervisor that HUCTW staff aren’t allowed to work from home when it snows, or as part of a flexible schedule. When a supervisor makes a statement like this, it is probably because they are unfamiliar with Harvard-HUCTW contract language on flexible schedules and inclement weather.

This contract language makes it clear that flexible schedule requests from HUCTW members can’t be “unreasonably denied,” including requests to work from home on a one-off basis, or as part of an ongoing flexible schedule. And it encourages open and creative conversations the between a supervisor and a staff member about how to meet the needs of the department, while “recognizing the personal styles, needs, work life balance and career goals of each employee.”

We have also negotiated specific language on inclement weather that mentions working from home as a possible option for members. However, it can be hard to know how to begin these discussions, especially if your supervisor has already expressed reluctance or resistance to flex schedules. HUCTW organizers are happy help you to strategize confidentially

Contract language on flexibility:
Contract language on inclement weather: