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Executive Order: HUCTW Response & Assistance

Some of you have reached out to the HUCTW office to express concerns about President Trump’s Executive Order temporarily preventing citizens from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen from entering the United States and indefinitely barring Syrian refugees from entering the U.S.  Please know that HUCTW leaders are also very concerned about the effects of the Order. HUCTW members and Harvard faculty, students, and staff come from almost every country in world, including Muslim-majority countries, and we want to express our ongoing support for and solidarity with all of our valued immigrant colleagues. We know that HUCTW members also have family and friends affected by the Order and we want to help connect you with all available resources to assist you or your loved ones.

HUCTW organizers are available to advise and strategize if you need time away from work to help yourself or a family member with issues related to the travel ban. We are also, as always, a confidential resource if you encounter any issues in the workplace.

If you or a family member need legal advice or other assistance with immigration concerns, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of the internal resources Harvard is offering, or reach out to one of the state or nation-wide centers on the list that the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program has compiled. We have listed all of these resources below, along with contact information for the Massachusetts ACLU.

Travel and Immigration Resources for Staff

  • Already abroad? If you are a Harvard staff member or student who is already abroad and are experiencing problems traveling to United States or are concerned about the effects of the Order on your travel, contact Harvard Travel Assist, Harvard’s 24/7 international emergency response program at +1-617-998-0000 or Case managers will advise you accordingly and notify Harvard immediately so that they can work with the appropriate University departments to advise and help you.
  • Planning on traveling abroad? If you are an international staff member and plan on traveling abroad, you may want to consult Harvard’s Global Support Services for advice before traveling:
  • For all international travel: Harvard strongly encourages you to enter your itinerary and contact information in the Harvard Travel Registry. Doing so enables them to expedite assistance if you need help while abroad:
  • Legal resources for undocumented staff and students: The Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program, based at Harvard Law School, provides legal counsel and representation on immigration matters for current degree-seeking students and staff at the University:
  • Legal resources that may be useful for any affected staff, families, and friends:
  • Legal assistance from the Massachusetts American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU):
  • Harvard’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Harvard’s EAP is available 24/7. To reach them, call 877-EAP-HARV (327-4278), email, or visit their website:  Among their many services, the EAP offers: (1) phone and face-to-face counseling for stress and emotional issues, (2) a 30 minute legal consultation–over the phone–with an attorney who is familiar with immigration law, and (3) contact information for relevant Massachusetts and national immigration resources.

If one of the links above does not work, please copy and paste the link directly into your browser. Please let us know if you have any questions.