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HUSPMGU to Merge with HUCTW

You may recall that earlier this year HUCTW asked for your support in our efforts to bring members of the Harvard University Security, Parking, and Museum Guards Union (HUSPMGU) into our union. (See our March 2022 email on this topic here.) The negotiation process with the University around this goal was long and difficult, but we’re extremely pleased to announce that we were able to reach an agreement with Harvard on the merger. In recent weeks the members of HUSPMGU voted and ratified that agreement to join HUCTW. The Inclusion Agreement will give HUSPMGU members parity on pay and phased-in coverage under HUCTW benefits, policies, and protections. This group of approximately 80 members has been striving to become HUCTW members for over six years and that goal will become a reality as of October 1 this year. Thank you all for your support of this important social and economic justice work. We hope you’ll join us in welcoming this group of Parking Monitors and Museum Attendants into HUCTW.