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Harvard works because we do! The Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers is 4600+ Harvard employees of diverse ages, backgrounds, talents, and opinions. It was voted in on May 17th, 1988 and is now a strong, innovative local union affiliated with AFSCME, a national union representing mostly public employees. Most overtime-eligible (‘non-exempt’) Harvard Staff who are not part of one of the service worker or specialized trade unions are included in our bargaining unit and are eligible to become Union members.

HUCTW will be holding a ratification vote for the new Harvard-HUCTW Tentative Agreement. Voting will take place on Thursday, February 25, 2016 across Harvard. You may vote at any location -- click on the list of voting locations below to find polling place most convenient to you. Please note that you must be a union member to vote and you must show a Harvard ID (or any valid photo ID) in order to vote. If you haven't had a chance to review the new Agreement, the Detailed Summary is also below. Call HUCTW at 617-661-8289 or email huctw.elections@huctw.org with questions.

HUCTW Voting Locations (PDF)

Detailed Summary of Tentative Agreement (PDF)

HUCTW leaders are proud to announce that Union and University negotiators have initialed a tentative agreement on a new contract, resolving important questions concerning pay and health benefits and improving contract language in several key policy areas.  If the tentative agreement is approved by HUCTW members in a ratification vote in February, it will go into effect immediately with an expiration date of September 30, 2018. Click on the links below to view the Detailed Summary of the Tentative 2015-2018 Agreement and to calculate your increase for 2015.

Detailed Summary of Tentative Agreement (PDF)

Salary Increase Calculator for 2015 (Excel)

Overall, in the view of HUCTW negotiators, the tentative agreement represents a great set of outcomes for Union members.  Harvard and HUCTW have agreed to maintain HUCTW health plan options without deductibles or coinsurance is a huge accomplishment, and this settles a long-standing disagreement over strategies for managing health care costs. And three pay increases (with full retroactivity back to October of 2015) will keep Union members moving ahead of inflation and maintain opportunities to make a solid, middle-class living as dedicated Harvard staff members. Please see the detailed summary above for specifics about the new Tentative Agreement. The ratification vote will take place on February 25, 2016. Details on voting times and locations will be sent to members shortly. Please contact us anytime with questions. In particular, HUCTW health care negotiators will be available from 2:15 - 4:00 every weekday between now and February 24th to answer health care plan questions: 617-661-8289 | huctw.info@huctw.org.

Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey earlier this summer. We received 2936 responses (60% of the membership), which is a fantastic sign of the energy and commitment of our members. Your answers and comments are providing negotiators with a rich source of ideas and priorities for the Union. HUCTW leaders have been using the stories and statistics from the survey to shape and strengthen our current negotiations with Harvard, and we will continue to use your feedback to direct our initiatives and programs in the future. The following link is a report summarizing some of the themes, concerns, and perspectives captured in the survey.
2015 HUCTW Member Survey Report:

HUCTW leaders are in the process of scheduling lunchtime meetings all over campus to update members on our current negotiations, and we will also be sending out a written update out on negotiations next week. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with an HUCTW organizer for your department, or write to huctw.info@huctw.org, if you have any questions.


As many of you know, the University implemented changes in the health plans for non-union Harvard employees as of January 1, 2015.  Although the health plan changes are not taking effect for HUCTW members, our Union has expressed concern, in open letters to members and friends and in a Harvard Crimson op-ed article, that these changes move the University’s health care program in the wrong direction.
As the revised plans take effect for thousands of non-union employees, many in the Harvard community are working to understand their impact.  To keep up with the evolving situation and to help our members and friends on campus think about the changes, HUCTW will be posting up-to-date materials on our website.

The web page, “Health Care at Harvard,” features resources and links to help members and friends engage in the campus conversation about health care.  Items already on the page include:

  • Newspaper articles and opinion pieces about the University’s 2015 health plan changes for non-union staff
  • A video recording of the HUCTW-sponsored panel discussion, “Healthy Employees, Healthy Institutions:  Reducing Health Care Costs for Everyone,” from November 19, 2014
  • Printable posters and digital images that you can post in workspaces and common areas to express concern about Harvard’s health plan changes
  • Links to broader media discussion on the effects of increased patient cost-sharing in the US health care system

We hope you will find these materials interesting and useful. And, as always, you can contact HUCTW with any ideas or questions at huctw.info@huctw.org or 617-661-8289. 


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