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Tentative Agreement Reached!

HUCTW leaders are happy to announce that Union and University negotiators have reached a tentative agreement for a new contract covering the period between October 1, 2022 and June 30, 2026. You can find the the Full and Comprehensive Details of the Tentative Agreement on our website and some of the highlights are listed below.

There will be an online contract ratification vote via electronic ballot from Tuesday, May 30 to Wednesday, May 31. A majority of the HUCTW members who take part in voting must vote “Yes” for this tentative agreement to take effect. HUCTW leaders are strongly recommending a “Yes” vote.


Below is a brief overview of some tentative agreement highlights. A comprehensive document describing all details and changes in full will be sent to all members in the coming weeks.

  • Salary Increase for 2022: In the first year of the agreement, the typical member with at least one year of service will receive a 5.9% raise* to their base salary, effective October 1, 2022. This new rate will be implemented as soon as possible after ratificaition.
  • ­Bonus: Additionally, all members on the payroll as of the ratification vote will also receive a one-time $1400 bonus.** This bonus will be delivered as soon as possible after ratification.
  • Retroactivity: As the raise is effective back to October 1, 2022, all eligible members will also receive a lump sum payment** covering the period between October 1, 2022 and the date of raise implementation. This payment will be delivered as soon as possible after ratification.
  • Salary Increases for 2023 – 2025: Beginning in 2023, the HUCTW pay increase effective dates will move to the earlier delivery date of July 1. The total increase to base salary for the typical member* is 18% over 3 years and 9 months (this total does not include the $1400 bonus).
    • Oct, 1, 2022: 5.9% raise* and retroactivity payment and $1400 bonus
    • July 1, 2023: 4.7% raise
    • July 1, 2024: 3.8% raise
    • July 1, 2025: 3.5% raise

* PLEASE NOTE: These raise amounts listed above are for a member with the median HUCTW salary of $64,000 and at least one year of service as of the increase effective date. We will provide a salary increase calculator so that you can calculate your exact upcoming 2022 and 2023 salary increases based on your salary and amount of service.

** Taxes: By law all lump sum payments in any amount are subject to a higher rate of tax withholding, however when you file your taxes for 2023, a significantly lower tax rate will be applied, which should typically mean that some of the tax withheld comes back to you in the form of a larger refund or owing less to the IRS. Lump sum payments have no impact on the tax rate applied to your regular pay.

Full and Comprehensive Details of the Tentative Agreement


Below you will find two documents that will help you understand the HUCTW salary increase program that is part of our new Tentative Agreement(1) the salary calculator page, which has two Excel salary calcualtors that will allow you to determine your raises for 2022 and 2023 and (2) the full and comprehensive details of the salary program, with examples of how the raise will impact members at different salary levels and months of service, as well as the detailed formulas, eligiblity requirements, and other specifics.


Again, the full details of all other non-financial additions/changes to the contract (including all new contract language) will be sent out by email this week, as soon as that document is ready, but here are some highlights.

  • Salary Grades & Joint Funds: The salary grade minimums and maximums will increase, as will the funding levels for all HUCTW Assistance Funds, including the Childcare Fund, the Education Fund, and the Transportation Fund.
  • TAP Tax Assistance Fund: A new, ongoing TAP Tax Reimbursement Fund will be created, which will provide reimbursements for HUCTW members who incur tax obligations when they use tuition assistance (TAP) to take graduate level courses at Harvard.
  • Remote Work/Flexiblity: Stronger, clearer contract language supporting HUCTW members who want to build remote work or hybrid work into their schedules will be added to the Flexibility section of the agreement.
  • Extra Pay for Extra Work: Improved contract language supporting members’ rights to receive extra pay when taking on extra work or covering for vacated positions will be added to the Extra Compensation section of the agreement.
  • Shift Differential Expansion: Members who regularly work early morning weekday shifts will now be eligible to receive the shift differential rate (previously it was only earned by those who regularly work evening or weekend shifts).

Full and Comprehensive Details of the Tentative Agreement


In the coming weeks HUCTW leaders will provide the following:

  • Comprehensive Details of the Tentative Agreement: A PDF document that will describe all changes in the tentative agreement in full detail, including all new contract language and any other changes or additions.
  • Salary Increase Calculator: A downloadable Excel calculator that will allow each union member to calculate how much their 2022 and 2023 salary increases will be.
  • Union Meetings: These meetings will take place primarily on Zoom and will be hosted by HUCTW leaders and negotiators across the campus in May so that members can learn more about the tentative agreement and ask questions before the ratification vote.
  • Contract Ratification Vote: The contract ratification vote will take place online via electronic ballot on May 30 & 31. A majority of HUCTW members who participate in the vote must vote “Yes” in order for the contract to be ratified and implemented.

HUCTW negotiators, Executive Board members, officers, and organizers strongly recommend a “Yes” vote to approve the new tentative agreement (TA).

Thank you, HUCTW members, for your thoughtfulness and perseverance throughout this long contract fight, including picketing, rallying, letter writing, and thousands of important conversations. Today will be the last day of picketing from 12:00 – 2:00 in front of Mass Hall — come out anytime during that block to chat with your fellow members and learn more about the TA! The May 24 rally is also canceled.

We’re looking forward to discussing the details of the tentative agreement with you and hearing all of your ideas, questions, and concerns over the next few weeks.